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Oct 31, 2021


2,000 complaints reported over foul stench in Carson area, air quality officials say The South Coast Air Quality Management District on Tuesday announced it has established a webpage to monitor the foul odor emanating from the Dominguez Channel that has sickened some residents and prompted numerous complaints. To date, South Coast AQMD has responded to more than 2,000 odor complaints since the acrid scent was first reported on Oct. 3. Most of the reports appear to have come from the Carson area, but the stench has also been observed in Gardena, Long Beach, Torrance, Wilmington and other parts of Los Angeles County, according to a map distributed by the Air Quality Management District . Residents have described the pungent smell as something akin to rotten eggs, likely the result of elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) that continue to be recorded in the area. The colorless, odorous gas can cause symptoms including headaches and nausea, officials said. On top of those, local residents have reported experiencing congestion, dizziness and sore throat, among other symptoms. Dozens lined up Monday to file claims over their illnesses.


It will move with clients based on the nature of their business and their needs too.  Financial institutions are leading the way in taking a permanent stance on whether their staff will return to the office browse around these guys or now. Earlier this month, PwC offered all of its 40 000 US client services employees to work virtually and live anywhere they want. READ |  Work-from-home forever: PwC offers US employees full-time remote work In the banking sector, Nedbank and Absa  previously told Fin24  that their approach is if any person's work can be done from home, it should be done from home. Nedbank said its Property Portfolio division has made plans to accommodate a 60/40 split between people who work from the office and remotely at any given time. Mazzocco said even before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Deloitte's views on the future of work were beginning to change. "The pandemic has accelerated this transformation, forcing dramatic changes in how our people work and engage with the firm and each other. We believe Deloitte's hybrid working approach and our wider efforts to transform work will benefit both our clients, our people and climate goals," said Mazzocco.   The auditing firm said technology now allows workers to interface and collaborate from remote locations. So, adapting to these changes is critical for companies to attract and retain skilled professionals, as the pandemic has made workers seek more flexibility, higher job satisfaction and work-life balance.   Get the biggest business stories  emailed to you  every weekday. We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred In times of uncertainty you need journalism you cantrust.


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A lower-court judge had previously dismissed the lawsuit from the Shreveport group. But in its ruling Thursday, the appeals court said the plaintiffs should be allowed a hearing and Ochsner may not fire or discipline employees over failing to comply with vaccine requirements in the meantime. The ruling applies to employees at hospitals listed on the lawsuit, including Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport and Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport St. Mary. The plaintiffs are 20 registered nurses, four surgical technicians, a physician, a nurse practitioner, a respiratory therapist, a licensed practical nurse, a child life specialist and several others without listed medical credentials. Ochsner will make unvaccinated spouses of employees pay $200 per month to remain insured As the deadline nears for Ochsner Health employees to get vaccinated or lose their jobs, the health system is also increasing pressure for emp… Attorney Jimmy Faircloth, who was previously executive counsel to former Gov. Bobby Jindal, has filed several lawsuits on behalf of employees in Louisiana arguing that Louisiana law protects an individual’s right to choose their health care.  Faircloth said the restraining order requiring Ochsner to halt firing unvaccinated employees in north Louisiana is encouraging because it suggests the judges think the case has merit. “To get a temporary restraining order, you must convince the court when you file something that you have a substantial likelihood of success,” said Faircloth. “This very important issue is a resounding wake-up call to all the employers in the state that have been hoodwinked into believing that you can do this.” But across the country and in the state, hundreds of hospital systems have enacted COVID-19 vaccine requirements, similar to requirements for the flu and hepatitis B vaccine. In September, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the single largest payer of health care in the United States, said it would require the vaccine for all employees of hospitals that accept payments from the program.


The Biden administration quietly announced the extension without stating a specific reason, continuing the closure, which started as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in March of 2020. Canadians have always been able to fly into the U.S. for non-essential reasons. Canada has allowed fully vaccinated American residents to enter by land or air for any reason since August 9. Point Roberts, Washington, is a 12.65 square kilometer American exclave surrounded on three sides by water and attached on the north to the Vancouver suburb of Delta in Canada. The closure is devastating for businesses in Point Roberts since Canadians – who own three quarters of the properties in the enclave – cannot cross the border to reach them. But Americans in the enclave are finally free to travel north to Vancouver, where they can enjoy the shopping variety offered by a large city. For Ali Hayton, owner of the International Marketplace, the community’s only grocery store, this has exacerbated the revenue loss. “So it took absolutely bottom of the barrel numbers and cut them by another 30%. For us, because every person there has been blocked there (in Point Roberts) for 18 months, I don't begrudge them at all for wanting to go shop,” said Hayton. Thirty-year resident Brian Calder is president of the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce.